Neal’s Yard Remedies

Organic goodness coming your way! I’m delighted to announce I have become a Neal’s Yard Remedies Consultant to complement my work as a kinesiologist so I can help people heal their bodies both inside and out.

Into product shot

NYRO products are organic, which means they’re full of lovely healthy ingredients to support your body in natural healing whilst smelling divine. They’re also super hydrating and can be tailored to all sorts of different skin types.

No toxins, no chemicals, no fake smelling products just natural nourishment. The Wild Beauty Balm and Balancing Room Spray are particular favourites of mine.
Here’s the link to my NYRO page:
I will be:
  • Using these in my clinic
  • Using muscle testing to determine which products will help strengthen your system
  • Writing blog posts about my experience with the products
  • Hosting get togethers for you to try the products
Do check out my page and start salivating over these scrumptious goodies!

Goal planning


I’m on a super high after a fabulous and motivating goal planning meeting this morning. I’m bursting with ideas for health + wellness expansion in the future and how to help more people feel better, be happier, have more energy and do what YOU WANT to do.

Remember that great scene in Dangerous Minds with Michelle Pfeiffer asking her class if “I choose to die”? Well that’s what I mean.


It is both liberating and challenging thinking about what you want to do with you life but incredibly empowering in allowing you to see just how you MAKE THE CHOICE with what you want to do with my life. We all have bills, we all get tired and run down and we all need to keep going and earn money but you get to CHOOSE how to do this.


Sounds simple? Maybe but it’s taken me years to learn! 4 years ago I would’ve laughed at this and dismissed it saying I had no time, 3 years ago I started noticing I wasn’t happy, 2 years ago I actively started working towards it and now I’m self-employed as a health and wellness expert practising kinesiology which I love.

Teamwork is essential. I’m part of a fabulous group of 4 professionals (finance, property, marketing + complementary medicine) who meet on a monthly basis to discuss both professional and personal goals for the upcoming month. Having people to help with priority setting and accountability really keeps you on track. Plus having your goals, hopes and dreams written down provides a clear focus and less room for procrastination and ‘excusitis’!





Goal planning


  • Dream Book 
    • A Blue Peter style moodboard with loads of images of what you want your perfect life to look like. It’s about whatever you want to achieve. This is just for you, where you can store my secrets about what you want my life to look like (second holiday home by the sea anyone?) and keep adding to it.


  • Annual plan
    • Time for action planning. You now take those picture perfect images in your head and draw up a plan of how to get there. It could be to get a promotion, to change your job, to exercise more or to finally renovate your house, it doesn’t matter, each require a series of steps towards it. Write down where you want to be in a year and work out measureable steps e.g if you want a career change, Jan – investigate new career courses, Feb – sign up and work one night a week etc.


  • Monthly goal setting
    •  This is where the magic happens. Aim to set 3 professional and 3 personal goals for each month, after all don’t we all want a WORK/LIFE balance? Break each one down. For example, I might say: Introduce more people to kinesiology. How? i) Offering Monday discovery sessions, ii) Writing a weekly blog post iii) Giving local talks


Want to feel in control of your life? Give it a go! My productivity rate and achievements have soared since start this starting this in January.I know you can do it too! Write down what you want to achieve between now and Christmas and break it down into small sections.

Get in touch if you’d like to take part in a goals planning session.






for one of my clients I saw yesterday who’s dramatically reduced her CANDIDA symptoms within just 8 WEEKS. Absolute gold star for effort in altering her approach to food and working really hard to listen to her body and work out what foods made her feel good.


  • Started nutritious meal planning and enjoyed cooking simple, tasty meals from scratch
  • Paid attention to her body’s reactions and only fed it nutritious meals and healthy snacks (check out my energy balls recipe, yum!)
  • Cut out all refined and natural sugar for 5 whole weeks before a completely expected wobble (it is totally OK to slip up now and then, the trick is to just start again the next day)
  • Taking the supplements her body needed for support: Multiminerals + vitamins (all round support), Probiotics (health gut bacteria), Fish Oils (anti inflammatory), and B Complex (stabilise metabolism and boost energy release).


Delighted to retest her yesterday and candida wasn’t showing anymore! AWESOME!

She has more energy, feels positive, her skin has cleared up and she’s feeling fab! Gold Star Award 🙂

Keep up the good work to keep the candida under control. xx




Kinesiology helps identify food intolerances

Ever wondered how muscle testing can identify food intolerances?

digestion - heart on belly

Check out this super article from Cytoplan, one of my go to nutrition suppliers about using kinesiology to identify food intolerances. Hope this helps people understand why we test for them and how easily symptoms can be reduced by cutting out the offending item TEMPORARILY. It’s not forever! The idea with kinesiology is to get you back in balance so your body can tolerate it again 🙂

Cytoplan article using kinesiology to identify imbalances 

Food intolerance process

If we find a food that weakens you, I generally recommend people cut it out completely (this is the hard bit, a reduction in consumption will not remove the trigger) for 2 weeks and then we can re-test you. We’ll discuss if you’ve felt a reduction in symptoms, retest the food item and discuss to how proceed. Your body may need longer for the trigger inflammation levels to reduce, you may need some nutritional support to get your digestive system back on track but we will work on this together.

Typical supplements include digestive enzymes (Cytozyme, pepsin or betaine) to help speed up the digestive process helping to digest protein, fat, fibre, dairy sugars and carbohydrates.

What are digestive enzymes?

  • Digestive enzymes are catalysts which break down food into its basic components; so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients they require to build cells, tissues and organs.
  • Age and lifestyle factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise and increased stress levels kills and damages cells, making out enzyme-making machinery have to work harder to rebuild and replace them.
  • If you notice digestive symptoms such as bloating, food intolerances, discomfort after eating, cramping or any other similar and related digestive symptoms, it is likely your body is not able to provide sufficient digestive enzymes for the food you eat.

I have these symptoms – what do I do?

Please don’t just decide to cut out various food groups and see what the reaction is! I often hear of clients who have struggled to cut out all dairy when in reality, only the lactose, the milk sugar, is the trigger.

It’s important to see a qualified kinesiologist who will accurately muscle test and create a treatment plan. Discovering food intolerances during a kinesiology session is extremely common. Book in for a session and we will check your full digestive system before we check for specific foods and decide on a course of action.


Discovery session


Want to try kinesiology but not sure what it is?

Book in for a 30 minute discovery session for only £20. Available every Monday throughout August at Warminster Osteopathic Clinic.

Kinesiology taster