Spirulina – a true superfood



Spirulina Mercola benefits

I encourage my clients to take Neal’s Yard Organic Greens Complex as it contains the most wonderful blend of SPIRULINA, chlorlella, spinach and many more super high protein antioxidants to help boost your essential vitamin and mineral levels. It can help with a myriad of health concerns. All it takes is one teaspoon a day added to your juices/smoothies or even just sprinkled over your food.

Dr Mercola, that clever man working hard to demystify the health industry, explains the benefits of spirulina here:  Why you should take spirulina 

Top 5 reasons to choose Neals Yard organic Greens Complex:

  1. Helps beat candida – supports a healthy gut with the growth of healthy bacterial flora which can help keep candida overgrowth under control
  2. Helps prevent seasonal allergies like hay fever start boosting natural defences without reaching for the anti-histamines
  3. Chlorella helps remove heavy metal toxicity – often from mercury tooth fillings, vaccines or too much tinned tuna 
  4. Helps balance blood pressure and cholesterol –natural immune system support 
  5. One teaspoon a day – easy to incorporate into your daily diet 

PLUS Deliciously Ella has created a superfood brownie recipe using it -win win!

To buy your pouch of spirulina order Organic Greens Complex today for just £20:




Starter kits


SPECIAL OFFER starter kits!

I’ve created these fantastic essentials for health collections to help you give your body the balanced nutrients it needs to kick start your health. You can also boost your healthy eating plans with Neal’s Yard Organic coconut oil and Organic Greens Complex.

  • Basic – 4 products £55
  • Advanced – everything from the basic PLUS a pot of delicious arnica cream to help soothe muscles

Please leave me a comment or send me an email via the ‘contact’ page to order.

Here’s to healthy living 🙂 x


Starter kit designed_v2

Saturday night sugar free treat

Saturday night means treat night! 

Want to enjoy this delicious, sugar free fruit tart which is super easy to make? 

This tart is sugar, wheat and dairy free – yay! 

Fruit tart 1

Just because its turned chilly doesn’t mean you have to turn your heating up and start eating stodgy stews. Are you trying to cut back on the naughty treats after summer indulgence?

I was hankering after a naturally sweet treat and remembered my good friend Rosie made this for me a few weeks ago.

Sugar, wheat and dairy free – what more could a girl need on a Saturday night? Read more

Skin support with Neals Yard


I’m struggling with my skin at the moment; too much indulgence over the summer has left my skin feeling unhappy, unloved and rather combination with dry patches and spots – ugh!

However, it’s feeling super soft and hydrated today as I tried out my first few organic Neals Yard products this morning and I’m seriously excited about how these are going to help. (Probably should stop stroking my face but it feels so smooth!). I can already visibly see that the laughter lines around my eyes are reducing – amazing!

Watch my first little video about the products I used and their benefits:

  • Wild Rose Beauty Balm Multitasking clever beast: Cleanses, Exfoliates, Moisturises. £38 (very long lasting)
  • Rehydrating Rose Toner So lovely and calming for sensitive skin. Preps the skin ready to receive the moisturiser. £16
  • White Tea Toning Eye Gel  Wonderfully soothing, cool and refreshing. Helps reduce fine wrinkles hurrah! £24
  • Frankincense Hydrating Cream The Daddy of all intense hydration to help tackle visible signs of ageing (fine lines, crows feet etc) 

Video: Honest view of using NYRO products 

Make-up free to discuss skin care

Make-up free to discuss skin care


Find out more about these products and which range will suit your skin best:

Neals Yard Remedies Organic HomePage

Leave me a comment below if you would like to place an order

Discovery sessions continue in September


Due to popular demand, I’ll be continuing with the 30 mins Discovery sessions throughout September. Half of the appointments have already gone so you’d better book in quick! Mon 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th Sept limited availability.

Now the summer holidays are over (boo) and we all settle back into a routine, this is your chance to make a fresh start and tackle those worries you’ve been having over the summer. Book in for a half hour taster session to see how kinesiology can help you feel better and happier.

What are discovery sessions?

A 30 min taster session in which we:

  • Discuss areas of focus and concerns
  • Demonstrate the muscle test on you – show how muscle testing allows the body to tell us exactly where it needs support
  • Quick investigation of a couple of areas

Example areas of focus:

  • Food intolerance testing – after indulging with all those lazy BBQs and delicious bowls of ice cream over the summer, your body might be struggling to process certain foods.  I can show you how foods might be weakening your body, by finding a strong muscle, placing the food item on your body (e.g. placing a banana on top of your clothes) and seeing if this changes the muscle from strong to weak.
  • ‘Just not feeling right’ support – sometimes we just don’t feel like ourselves and can be worrying too much about our jobs or how we look. If you want support in feeling happier and healthier, we can
  • Seasonal blues – I can give you some tailored, practical advice about ways to feel better using kinesiology testing. Common areas of support are nutrition, Bach flower remedies, identifying where you feel the emotion in the body (butterflies in your stomach, getting caught in your throat), relaxation techniques and digestive support.

Children love kinesiology!

Help them settle in back at school knowing they can discuss any school work or friendship worries, problems sleeping

A recent client of mine, 8 year old Hannah coping with her parents divorce, said she felt ‘so much better after seeing you Sarah as you listened and made my feel happy again’. It’s amazing the difference one session can bring.