Day 5: MeTime and aromatherapy

MeTime and Aromatherapy

day-5-screenshotHectic day? To do list as long as your arm? Feeling frazzled?

Take a minute and……breathe……

Watch this for a few ideas to see what you would like to try, whether it be enjoying a cup of Echinacea tea to give your body a boost, or trying out the benefits of essential oils and discovering the power of aromatherapy to alter your moods – both to uplift and unwind.

I hope this give you some ideas.


These are some of my favourite things you can see in the video:

Favourite tea: Echinacea Plus

Everyday diffuser for lounge, bedroom and children’s bedrooms: Soto

SAD sunrise/sunset alarm clock:Lumie

Ylang ylang and lavender body butter and facial serum: Beauty Sleep.

Day 3 and 4: Overindulgence!

day-3-and-4-stillDay 3 & 4 : Overindulgence. You’ll understand why when you watch it!

Prepare your stomach for the festive season and overindulgence. Tips on how to prevent that bloated feeling when eating out and how digestive enzymes can help you.

Digestive enzymes are catalysts which break down food into its basic components; so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients they require to build cells, tissues and organs. It often feels that we eat our entire bodyweight over the Christmas period (my Mum is a feeder!) so to prepare for the overindulgence of eating a plethora of rich foods, I up my water intake and take digestive enzymes to help my stomach cope and not feel so bloated.

Cytozyme by Cytoplan often tests up really strongly in my clinic and is a personal favourite supplement of mine. It has really helped improve my IBS symptoms.

If you want to know more about how these can help you, get in touch.


Day 2: Zinc and Beauty Sleep

Day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas/December

Learn about the importance of Zinc for a healthy immune system to keep the bugs away this Winter. Plus hear how Beauty Sleep gift set by Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic can help you (or your lucky friend if you can bear to part with it!) relax and sleep better.

As always, do check out the full details and ingredients list here:

Hope you enjoy the video from day 2. Much warmer than yesterday!


Day 1: Super Antioxidant and Frankincense


Good morning! Brr it’s chilly! ☃️☃️Welcome to the first of my 12 Days of Christmas 🎄🎄sharing a vitamin supplement and organic product to help with inner health and outer beauty throughout December. 😄🙌

Super Antioxidant Boost and Frankincense Intense Moisturiser (and gift set).

Please check back daily for more tips, offers and ooh prizes too!

To grab your 20% discount send me your requests or order directly via the Neal’s Yard section on my website. 20% discount Weds 30th November to Thurs 1st December 2016.