Why join NYRO as a consultant?


LOVE LEARN EARN  – it’s simple!

LOVE Organic Skincare
LEARN why it’s great for you
EARN more income
Then make 2017 your year!

Wow! So just £50 right now (normally £95) gets you the chance to start your business with NYR Organic and be part of an amazingly supportive team with:
• Earn extra income
• Work flexible hours
• Supplement your existing business and meet new clients if you’re a therapist
• FREE comprehensive training programme
• Receive amazing discounts / commission
• No targets
• No minimum monthly orders

I would love to chat with you to see if this would fit in with your life and business. Just give me a call on 07708 926000 or message me: [email protected]

Saving money

Everyone wants to save money in January don’t they?!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic has a winter sale with 30% off. That’s a HUGE saving on so many items with smell GORGEOUS, are completely CHEMICAL FREE, NATURAL and SAFE to use.

I’d love to help you choose products to suit your preferences: whether you like rose or citrus smells, quick sinking or long lasting body lotions – let me know what you like and I can recommend products.


Includes some of the most popular items:

  • Beauty Sleep body butter (not onlny thick and moisturising but the lavender & ylang yland essential oils actually help you sleep!)
  • Lavender bath salts (mmm bath…relaxation…)
  • Frankincense and mandarin body polish (gorgeous all over exfoliator)
  • Geranium and Orange Hand Wash (uplifting yet gentle)

Click on the picture below to go to my webshop and have it delivered DIRECT to your door!