Muscle Test Demonstration

So many people want to know what a muscle test actually is and I’m working on producing a video to show you. In the meantime, here’s a quick clip of me performing a wheel balance on a new client at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London recently.

I hope this helps show you what muscle testing is about, checking to see if muscles switch on/off indicating a strong electrical circuit. If they are ‘weak’ or stay locked, that’s when it indicated an imbalance within that circuit (muscle and meridian).

Muscles send signals to the brain of its current condition, if for any reason the muscle cannot fire and contract appropriately, this message is sent to the brain. Kinesiology views muscles related to organs & meridians which make a complete energy circuit in the body. There are many methods of turning muscles off (momentarily!) including rubbing the sedation points. 

This clip shows me checking gluteus medius (circulation sex meridian, relating to backache + hormones) and quadratus lumborum (kidney/large intestine, relating to digestion), both of which were in good balance.  You see me touch her wrist and that’s me rubbing the sedation point CX7 relating to the circulation sex meridian which I’m testing. This briefly sedates the meridian allowing me to electrically switch it off.  If I had found a weak muscle, e.g. the second test when her legs easily move back into the middle suggesting that the muscle is not firing and allows me to move it, that’s when I would then want to identify what is causing it to be switched off – whether it’s a biochemical, structural, emotion or energetic cause. 



I’d really love to hear what you think so please do let me know your comments. Does this help you understand a muscle test? Do you want to know why I’m rubbing her wrist? Do you think I pull weird faces when I test on people?! I have a very serious concentrating face!

Do check back in the future as I’m working on pulling together an introduction to kinesiology video but would love to know what you all would think would help. Do you want videos of how it works, case studies of clients and success stories?