Day 5: MeTime and aromatherapy

MeTime and Aromatherapy

day-5-screenshotHectic day? To do list as long as your arm? Feeling frazzled?

Take a minute and……breathe……

Watch this for a few ideas to see what you would like to try, whether it be enjoying a cup of Echinacea tea to give your body a boost, or trying out the benefits of essential oils and discovering the power of aromatherapy to alter your moods – both to uplift and unwind.

I hope this give you some ideas.


These are some of my favourite things you can see in the video:

Favourite tea: Echinacea Plus

Everyday diffuser for lounge, bedroom and children’s bedrooms: Soto

SAD sunrise/sunset alarm clock:Lumie

Ylang ylang and lavender body butter and facial serum: Beauty Sleep.