Digestive issues

IBS support – I was chatting to a lady who has been struggling with stomach pain and I explained how I used to suffer from IBS + all its embarrassing symptoms: bloating + pain YES, issues with random foods YES, rushing out of an important meeting to rush to the bathroom YES. I told her I used to carry immodium, buscopan + peppermint capsules all the time, got frequent mouth ulcers (probably caused by an inflammed digestive tract) and wore baggy clothes to accommodate my stomach randomly swelling throughout the day. She is currently doing EXACTLY THE SAME!

She was amazed when I said I no longer suffer with it. Kinesiology helped identify both small + large intestine imbalances, an open ICV, nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances and how my emotional state was playing havoc with my health. A few quick fixes saw a massive improvement + then a sustained approach to reducing stress (or rather my reactions to it) really helped.

Needless to say, she’s booking in to see me!

Quick tip:
If you chew gum STOP IT NOW! Sorbitol in gum doesn’t help but the act of chewing produces saliva which tells your stomach to get all those digestive juices flowing ready for a meal which then doesn’t come; add in extra intake of air and you have a very unhappy tummy.