Discovery sessions continue in September


Due to popular demand, I’ll be continuing with the 30 mins Discovery sessions throughout September. Half of the appointments have already gone so you’d better book in quick! Mon 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th Sept limited availability.

Now the summer holidays are over (boo) and we all settle back into a routine, this is your chance to make a fresh start and tackle those worries you’ve been having over the summer. Book in for a half hour taster session to see how kinesiology can help you feel better and happier.

What are discovery sessions?

A 30 min taster session in which we:

  • Discuss areas of focus and concerns
  • Demonstrate the muscle test on you – show how muscle testing allows the body to tell us exactly where it needs support
  • Quick investigation of a couple of areas

Example areas of focus:

  • Food intolerance testing – after indulging with all those lazy BBQs and delicious bowls of ice cream over the summer, your body might be struggling to process certain foods.  I can show you how foods might be weakening your body, by finding a strong muscle, placing the food item on your body (e.g. placing a banana on top of your clothes) and seeing if this changes the muscle from strong to weak.
  • ‘Just not feeling right’ support – sometimes we just don’t feel like ourselves and can be worrying too much about our jobs or how we look. If you want support in feeling happier and healthier, we can
  • Seasonal blues – I can give you some tailored, practical advice about ways to feel better using kinesiology testing. Common areas of support are nutrition, Bach flower remedies, identifying where you feel the emotion in the body (butterflies in your stomach, getting caught in your throat), relaxation techniques and digestive support.

Children love kinesiology!

Help them settle in back at school knowing they can discuss any school work or friendship worries, problems sleeping

A recent client of mine, 8 year old Hannah coping with her parents divorce, said she felt ‘so much better after seeing you Sarah as you listened and made my feel happy again’. It’s amazing the difference one session can bring.