Eczema help


My 6 year old nephew who suffers from eczema was staying with us this weekend and, me being me, I was chatting to his Mum about how to help. We had already identified a lactose and wheat intolerance using kinesiology testing and this had really helped clear it up. However, they found this change hard to stick to so we discussed how to make life easier just by swapping his milk, bread and cereal to gluten free. It’s about removing the triggers for a short period of time to allow the inflammatory markers to reduce whilst we support the body’s natural immune system. Sounds a bit tricky but it’s quite simple and I can help you with this. (I’m not a massive fan of gluten free replacements long term as they are often high in sugar and starchy ingredients but if it helps a 6 year old reduce his itchy and sore eczema then I’m all for quick wins).

My lovely nephew doesn’t like the thick, gloopy prescription cream and squirms his way out of your arms if you’re trying to apply it but – bribed with an Easter egg – he agreed to let us play ‘The Arms and Leg Game’, essentially trying different creams with my NYR Organic lotions suitable for eczema, certified by the Soil Association. We put Stellaria lotion on his legs and Calendular lotion on his arms. He loved the feel of the Stellaria and was quite happy to have it on at night and it stopped him itching, what a result! 🙂

No chat with me is complete without discussing what goodness to put INTO the body (it’s not all about cutting things out), so we tried the Organic Berry powder as a healthy Ribena and discussed adding in the omega 3,6&9 NYRO oil into his morning smoothie (another new idea) to help boost the immune system with vitamin C and essential fatty acids to help his skin. I can’t wait to hear how he gets on 🙂

Only £7 a tube, Stellaria & Calendula creams test up really well and are incredibly soothing. If anyone wants to try them, let me know and I can send you a sample.

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