Make-up by Arbonne


Loving the chance to pop my Arbonne make-up on today as Sarah Hickling and I recorded our second round of Lockdown Interviews.
💕I’m a natural make up kind of girl: a little base, blusher & eyes will do for me. Isn’t it interesting how spending an extra 5 minutes on your appearance can make you feel LOADS better! Feeling positive & motivated today, woohoo!
💤 😴 Also had a good nights sleep last night and washed my hair this morning – #winning at life!!
❤️The makeup that you put on your skin is just as important as the skincare products you use and the nutrients that you put in your body. Arbonne has created makeup that cares for your skin with moisturising botanicals and age defying ingredients, enhancing what’s already beautifully you. I love the gentleness of it on my skin and knowing it’s allowing my skin to breathe.
If you’re interested in trying out a botanical based, vegan, cruelty free products that protect & nourish your skin, pop me a message.
Plus there is a 20% OFF SALE while stocks last – hurrah!