GUT HEALTH – why is it so important?

The health of the entire body depends on absorbing vital nutrients, producing digestive enzymes and having the correct balance of beneficial gut bacteria. Whatever affects the digestive system will also affect the immune system, the nervous system and the hormonal balance throughout the entire body.

Throughout my years running my wellness clinic as well as through personal experience, I have found the biggest triggers for IBS to be emotional stress and poor food/lifestyle choices. Don’t panic though, help is at hand! Together I can show you how to calm your digestion, remove triggers and rebalance the gut.

Believe me I have been there: breathtaking stomach cramps, regular bloating and being offered a seat on the tube as people thought I was pregnant (pretending to laugh it off but crying my eyes out once home), frustration about not knowing what food or drink would trigger me and set me off.

I remember in my old life being in a presentation to Nestle in Switzerland (so a rather important meeting!) and having to run out of the room 3 times to be “sick”…because there was no way I could explain it was explosive diarrhoea caused by bad choices over breakfast and the stress of getting the presentation right.

Yep I have just admitted to diarrhoea – we all have this sometimes but it doesn’t seem polite to discuss it. Whatever! I love talking about gut health and regularly get the Bristol Stool Chart out for my clients!

So…trust me when I say both my personal experiences and my kinesiology and nutrition knowledge mean I can help you.
I will share with you some top tips to aid digestion, discuss foods and drinks to ease IBS symptoms, share an overview of the FODMAP diet with you and explain the benefits of some tried and tested nutritional supplements.

Brucie bonus top tip:
Going out for dinner I would always pre-read the menu online to select a safe option, or call the restaurant ahead to ask for a special meal, and on arrival the all-important initial scout for the toilets.

Sound good so far? Do pop any questions below and I will try to answer as best I can.