Saturday night sugar free treat

Saturday night means treat night! 

Want to enjoy this delicious, sugar free fruit tart which is super easy to make? 

This tart is sugar, wheat and dairy free – yay! 

Fruit tart 1

Just because its turned chilly doesn’t mean you have to turn your heating up and start eating stodgy stews. Are you trying to cut back on the naughty treats after summer indulgence?

I was hankering after a naturally sweet treat and remembered my good friend Rosie made this for me a few weeks ago.

Sugar, wheat and dairy free – what more could a girl need on a Saturday night?



The base is made from buckwheat and toasted sunflower seeds, all thrown in a blender and oven baked for 20 mins. Oh and it has a hint of lemon peel and vanilla for extra sweetness and flavour.

The topping is goats yogurt with vanilla essence (I forgot vanilla beans!).


Follow this fabulous My New Roots recipe. This has made me very happy 🙂