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Seriously tasty juice!


This is the tastiest juice I’ve ever made!! It’s the perfect post PT session protein juice. I endured/enjoyed a tough cardio session with my personal trainer this morning and my body was craving a nutritious, easily digestible snack so I trawled through Jason Vale’s juice recipes and adapted a protein booster to suit the contents of my kitchen cupboard. I replaced spirulina with flaxseed & CoQ10 and chia seeds for extra nutrients.

It’s the first time I’ve take the juice and popped it in the blender to add extra nutrients and it worked really well.

Normally I drink juices to be good and get healthy vits inside me with varying results on the taste-o-meter but this one is seriously yummy!



How to make it:

Juice: x3 carrots, x3 apples, 1cm ginger

Transfer the juice extract into a blender

Add:  1/2 avocado, 1tsp hemp seed & 1tsp flaxseed with Brazil nuts & coQ10.

Result: Feeling so good now and ready for a day of ‪#‎Kinesiology‬ clients and studying.


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