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Spirulina – a true superfood



Spirulina Mercola benefits

I encourage my clients to take Neal’s Yard Organic Greens Complex as it contains the most wonderful blend of SPIRULINA, chlorlella, spinach and many more super high protein antioxidants to help boost your essential vitamin and mineral levels. It can help with a myriad of health concerns. All it takes is one teaspoon a day added to your juices/smoothies or even just sprinkled over your food.

Dr Mercola, that clever man working hard to demystify the health industry, explains the benefits of spirulina here:  Why you should take spirulina 

Top 5 reasons to choose Neals Yard organic Greens Complex:

  1. Helps beat candida – supports a healthy gut with the growth of healthy bacterial flora which can help keep candida overgrowth under control
  2. Helps prevent seasonal allergies like hay fever start boosting natural defences without reaching for the anti-histamines
  3. Chlorella helps remove heavy metal toxicity – often from mercury tooth fillings, vaccines or too much tinned tuna 
  4. Helps balance blood pressure and cholesterol –natural immune system support 
  5. One teaspoon a day – easy to incorporate into your daily diet 

PLUS Deliciously Ella has created a superfood brownie recipe using it -win win!

To buy your pouch of spirulina order Organic Greens Complex today for just £20: