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The Thrive Tribe


Would you like to be part of a supportive online community sharing exclusive content? Join The Thrive Tribe for FREE access to:

  • Health and wellness information
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Recipe ideas
  • ‘Ask the Kinesiologist’ sessions
  •  Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Plus camaraderie within the group

This is just the beginning of The Thrive Tribe with online webinars and courses launching later this year. Join now to get FREE access!

If you want to join The Thrive Tribe, please request access here:



-Health and wellness information – on a variety of topics from digestion, sleep, energy, food intolerances, viruses and much more

– Nutritional supplement explained – including what do vitamins do, how do I choose which to buy and can I get enough from my food?

– Recipe ideas – share ideas of simple meals and reputable websites to follow

-‘Ask the Kinesiologist’ for advice on health worries or conditions – post away with any specific questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them

– Facebook Live Q&A sessions