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Summer holidays


Summer holidays are here – who needs some of this??

I’ve just returned from a fabulous honeymoon in Malaysia and definitely feel that I need some more of this vitamin!!

There’s something about feeling the heat on your skin and sand under your feet that lets all your troubles melt away. Get yourself outside into the sunshine to increase your Vitamin D levels and boost your happiness……

A summer essential!

I love the sense of tranquility and escape you feel on holiday. It’s a real chance to think and take stock of how you’re feeling. Ask yourself 3 simple questions: am i happy, am i healthy, am I doing what I love?

Are you happy in your job? Do you feel fit and healthy? Do you think you have the elusive work/life balance? If not, allow yourself time to think away from the pressures of daily life and just evaluate where you are right now. We are always striving to do more, achieve more, earn more but sometimes one of the kindest things for your mind and body is actually to RELAX more. Sit down, take a breather (ideally on a hammock sipping a cocktail) and just visualise what your would like your life to look like. Then picture taking a baby step towards it and think about how that makes you feel. It’s perfectly healthy to feel both fear and excitement, change can feel scary but oh so good.  Just imagine how you want to feel by next summer and start making small changes.

Want to make changes to your diet?

Let’s talk through what you’re eating and how much time you have to prepare food. I can help you devise a healthier diet that suits your body and we can use food intolerance testing to identify any foods that are triggering negative reactions.

If you want to banish that stomach bloating before you have to get into a bikini, pop in for testing and we can see if you need some digestive enzymes to help fully digest your food and reduce the bloated feeling.

Know you want to make a change but not sure how?

If you know you want to make some changes but just don’t know how, book in for a 2 hour goal balancing session where we can discuss how you’re feeling and where you want to get to. We can talk through a plan of action and work out how you can achieve it. This can be on any subject: relationships, work, diet, exercise or even house hunting. We can use muscle testing to work out where the stumbling blocks are manifesting themselves in your body and use a combination of techniques to release these and allow you to move forward.


Wishing you all a happy, healthy summer.



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