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Children and young people’s mental health workshops


Children and young people’s mental health is an imperative focus and I was delighted to be invited by Leweston School in Sherborne to run Wellbeing Workshops for years 11 and 12 during a series of Wellbeing Drop Down days organised by PSHE lead Mrs Littlechild.

We spent a wonderful morning discussing how to recognise the signs of stress and anxiety in ourselves and our friends and offering solutions for things to help. We tried out a variety of emotional balancing and empowering techniques including mindset shifting and self-esteem boosting ideas.

Each student also created their own Stress Catcher they could open at any time to find a range of simple calming activities to choose from when feelings are heightened.

The students worked in small groups to identify signs of stress and overwhelm both in themselves and their friends and we shared new ideas to help restore a sense of balance and control with tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique being enjoyed. I hope to visit again soon to offer additional wellbeing support.

Creating and colouring stress catchers

Creating and colouring stress catchers

Wellbeing day preparation