Why I love Neals Yard

In August last year I joined Neal’s Yard Remedies on a bit of a whim really! I wanted another source of income to supplement my therapy business and also flexible enough to fit around being a military wife. (If he’s home, can I be free to spend time with him sort of thing).

With my kinesiology business I work a lot on inner health but wanted to find a soothing cream to help a client of mine with their eczema.The calendula cream tested up really well and the redness subsided within a day or two. I was so excited to find a company that matched what I was looking for: top quality natural health products for everyone to use, with great ethics and a family run background.

I then saw an offer to join for £60, to get a whole load of products worth £200 for me to try out alongside the chance to have tons of free training and the ability to run my own business. And I thought, why not? My incredibly supportive team helped me realise I could easily run my own business. What a confidence boost that has been! And now Neal’s Yard have an EVEN BETTER  offer to enjoy the 25% discount or start a business for just £50!

The journey has been amazing. I get to continue learning and growing with tons of free training and I’m just loving hearing from people who have tried the products from the skincare to supplements and then essential oil. I love helping people 🙂 Plus I feel great and my skin is really improving so that’s a bonus!

If any of this appeals to you, just get in touch below or send me a message as I’d love to share information on how you can try the products or build up additional income. You can read more about Neal’s Yard online too xx

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